The inside kydex holsters are designed for concealed carrying of the weapon under clothing and are designed to take up as little space as possible in the trousers. The hand-cut edges of the holster do not push into the leg or abdomen. The shape of the weapon is very precisely pressed into the kydex and it fits perfectly into the holster. The whole holster is made of one piece of kydex of one color or motif. Each newly made inside holster has a grip control.

The holster is not closed – from the construction point of view, a holster partially open around the circumference is more advantageous for the smallest possible size.

Where and how it is worn:

You can wear IWB holsters on the side at 3 o‘clock as a right hander or in the popular way of wearing an appendix carry (front on the abdomen). The specialty of the inside holsters is that they are worn almost anywhere around the waist of the body. By wearing in trousers you will achieve a real concealed wearing with minimal emphasis of the weapon from the clothes.

We personally recommend inside holsters for subcompacts and compacts (only some fullsize frames). IWB holsters can be worn all year round, are especially practical in the summer, and they are best hidden under a T-shirt. For some customers, it is not as comfortable as other models, and needs to be got used to.

Types of belt attachment:

You can choose from several steel clips for the inside holster. These are fastened with Chicago nuts and bolts. We offer two sizes of clips 40 and 45 mm. Choose the width of the clip according to the belt as precisely as possible (for a 38-40 mm belt, choose a 40 mm wide clip).


Simple, well-functioning steel clip, clicks quickly. Requires stronger belts - leather, reinforced and harder. The clip can hold a belt up to 10 mm thick.


Minimalist fastening of the holster by scratching the hook to the textile of the trousers (can be worn without a belt). You can wear a shirt tucked in pants the so called Tuckable Style.

Ulticlip XL

Really strong and secure attachment of the holster to a 40 mm wide belt. It is possible to have a shirt tucked in the pants on “the tuckable version”. You will snap a maximum 10 mm thick belt into the clip.


The rear raised side of the holster, which separates the weapon from your body. Protects against sweat and slipping clothes into the holster when storing the weapon. We stock these holsters with a full sweatguard, half sweatguard and without a sweatguard.

IWB holsters are designed mainly for all-day concealed wear, so we recommend a full sweatguard when the weapon is not in any contact with the body / clothing. If you assume that the weapon will often be out of the holster, choose half sweatguard - it will not interfere with your movement.

Inclination and configuration:

Each holster is equipped with an adjustable inclination so that each customer can experiment and find their own style of wearing the holster. You can rotate the flushclip (move it to the second pre-drilled hole) and the holster will tilt the grip forward. You can use this during concealed wearing on your side so that your grip does not stick out of your T-shirt or did not push into your car seat.

Adjustable grip:

Newly manufactured IWB holsters have an automatic adjustment of the grip with a screw, when you control the grip of the weapon yourself. Different types of body figures and wearing styles are no longer a problem and the holster always provides the retention that you adjust.


A claw is used for the perfect fit of pistol grip on the abdomen, which pushes into the trousers /belt from the inside and pushes the grip towards the body.